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Entwurf für Zine #2 – Start a Revolution – Stop hating your Body!

9. Oktober 2011

Start a Revolution – Stop hating your Body!

I once read on a crimethInc. poster: „Beauty must be defined as what we are, or else the concept itself is our enemy“

Often, if people don’t fit the beauty norm, they (or others) say, „well, I’m fat but I have a beautiful face“ or „It’s the inner values that count!“ While I, too, think that inner values count, I’d also like to say, hey, fat people’s BODIES are beautiful, too, not just their faces! Even if you’re fat or otherwise out of the beauty norm, you have inner AND outer values!
Overlooking things that are used to discriminate people (like beauty in this case, but also race, gender, social status etc.) is no solution, that way we just end up trying to ignore more and more things that make up and add to what a person is (Hopefully that last sentence was understandable). So I think it’s totally OK to notice that a person is a fat, black lesbian in a wheelchair with a wart on her nose. It’s just not OK to discriminate her because of any of those things… And that, I think, is the real problem: to get all those values out of our heads that tell us for example that fat means ugly means something bad… and instead to see a person for who they are without prejudices and without overlooking aspects of them. Because that line of thought would say: „I have to ignore the fact that this person is fat/ non-conforming-to-beauty-norms/ queer/ Black/ disabled/… in order to treat them with respect, because that aspect of em is somehow distasteful.“ Really not the message I’d want to give.

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