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Entwurf für Zine #2 – We can be pink princess-girls if we want to!

9. Oktober 2011

Diesen Text haben wir für die dritte Ausgabe des wundervollen Orange Octopus gender Zines beigesteuert, zusammen mit „Cis boy in a female Body“. Wir freuen uns schon sehr auf das neue Orange Octopus!

We can be pink princess-girls if we want to!

…even if we are cis-girls…

We always thought that we must hate pink and barbies and all that too-girly stuff! It is stupid. It is made to make us girls silly, frilly, shallow, obsessed with beauty and fashion. But we, we must be more than that! We are proud girls, we know that we can do anything boys can do – and many of it better than them! We do not rely on „beauty“ or „fashion“ for our self-respect! We do not need men to tell us that we are nice and goodlooking if we wear pink dresses or the latest style of make-up and giggle and blush a lot. They only want us to be meek, obedient and self-enslaving. But we are no slaves to patriarchy or beauty norms or fashion! We are strong girls! So we must hate pink! We must wear old, unfashionable, but practical jeans and t-shirts! We must not care about fashion and looks!

At least that is what our „mother“ taught us. But she is wrong. We can like pink things without becoming slaves to patriarchy! We can care about what we look like without being silly, shallow followers of fashion-trends! We don’t have to be so „strong“ that we are impervious to socialisation, advertising, criticism and mobbing – if these things get to us it is not our fault and we must not try to ignore it – we can find productive, creative, individual and collective ways to deal with it if we are honest with ourselves.

But you, „mother“, were never honest. You did not really want us to be strong, emancipated girls and women – secretly, you wanted us to be weaker and uglier than yourself! You thought you were ugly, unfeminine and unworthy and you were unfree and entangled in nasty webs of oppression and violence (even if you helped make them yourself!). You wanted us to be worse off then yourself so that you could rationalize your own life choices. But we are stronger than you are, much stronger. We do not believe your lies anymore and we are getting free from your webs! You don’t know what imagination, inner freedom, courage and deep feelings are and you have no passion for justice, happiness, freedom or joy. But we do! And we want these beautiful things for every living being! We are happier the more we see happiness around us,

but you

only get insecure, bitter and jealous

because for you everything is a competition. You are a hypocrite!

But we know now that we can do everything we want, wear what we want, look the way we want! We don’t need to let that be dictated by sexist gender-roles and money-hungry fashion industries – not even in reverse by desperately trying to avoid doing what they tell us.

We can be proud of the way we look. We can be interested in clothes and make-up and fancy hairstyles. We can experiment. We can look at what others do and then decide whether we want the same or the opposite or something else altoghether! But we mustn’t look down on girls and womyn who look like „fashion slaves“ – that, too, is lookism and sexism. If we don’t want to be judged by our looks we shouldn’t judge others…

I nstead, we take our first nearly-pink (it’s light purple) shirt out of a freebox. The first skirt we owned for years, too. For the first time since we got away from our „mother“ we look at our body and dare to find it beautiful. It is Home.

At first the idea that wearing „girly“ stuff would make us feel better about ourselves, about our body, about our gender-identity and more confident in our ability to deal with lookism and sexism seemed absurd to us. But not anymore. We don’t subject ourselves to the “rule of pink“, we allow ourselves to wear that, too, if and when and how we want it!

We share this body with many people, headmates, of different ages and genders. It’s an adventure, I can tell you! 😀 We always thought of the body as being definitely and typically female. But lately we realised that we present as androgenous or gender-neutral. We wear unisex, baggy and conceiling clothing, we walk, talk and behave in a gender-neutral way as best as we can. That’s probably a good strategy for girls, boys, men, womyn, people without or with different genders and mostly asexual people all sharing one body in a sexist society. But we are thinking about change… We are getting to know ourselves and each other more and more – we are exploring the individualities of our inner people. We want to express our individualities, too. We no longer find stuff that all of us can live with, but that some of us – or even just one – really want(s) to have. We get books with pink covers from the library – along with science-fiction-comics and children’s audiobooks. We’re getting closer and closer to the moment where everyone of us can walk down the street in his_her_eyr own clothes, walking, talking, moving, looking, thinking and feeling like themselves, doing what they want!

– some girls and womyn of the multiple system Meeresbande

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