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Meeresbande Zine #2, S. 52 – Changing habits

25. Juni 2015

52 - Changing habits and stopping production and consumption

It’s a great idea to make a habit out of reflecting one’s own habits. I try to do that. It actually feels great and more like a liberating experience than anything else. Thoughts want to be free! So allowing myself to think freely and deeply about seemingly small things (habits) and about big things (live itself) alike is not some big, heavy burden, as it seemed to be at first, but the exact opposite. It only feels crushing if we are stuck – if we can find problems but no solutions, for example. So it’s important to ACT on those thoughts and step out of a feeling of helplessness.

Many people tell us to change our consumer habits. In my opinion, that is important and a great trap at the same time. It can be a trap if people start to define themselves as consumers (instead of, for example, citizens) and therefore reduce their choice of action to „buying“ or „not buying“. Citizens have a much wider range of tools from which to choose – including revolution if all else fails. I don’t want to define myself as a citizen, though. I’d rather be a human being.

Defining oneself as a consumer is dangerous. Because even if every single consumer in the world would only buy „green“ products, that still wouldn’t be enough to stop global warming, mass extinction, depletion of soils, massive social injustice, the poisoning of EVERYTHING and the not so distant mass die-off of humans, who will no longer be able to live in a destroyed world. The truth is that consumers‘ demand does NOT control the course of industrial production. Much less does it control what governments, military organizations and other institutions do. And those contribute to the destruction of life in a much greater scale than private consumption does!

To stop the destruction of live on earth we have to do a lot more than change our consumer habits. We have to stop being consumers. Pro­duc­tion and consumption has to stop. We have to stop seeing the world as made of „resources“ for us to exploit. We have to stop others from ex­ploi­ting, polluting, destroying earth, life, ecosystems, our own bodies. We have to fight back because this culture will never undergo a voluntary change to a sane way of living.

Our way of relating to ourselves, to our neighbors (human and non-human) and to the earth has to change. We must once again become part of nature, like people who live in indigenous (that is, non-civilized) cultures. We should truly identify with our own bodies, with those we love, with the land that gives us life. Then we can live in, from and for nature so that the division of „nature“ vs „human“ becomes obsolete.

I stole most of those thoughts from Derrick Jensen: ( 😉


Kapitalismus ist wie eine Wahl zwischen Pest und Cholera, nur dass du für beides auch noch bezahlen musst.

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