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Meeresbande Zine #2, S. 56 – Silence kills.

21. Juli 2015

56 - silence kills

Silence kills. Literally

(Trigger warning)

I know that if people would not close their eyes so much, someone could have helped me and every other tormented and raped child. To create a world where people don’t close their eyes so much, don’t go into denial so much, don’t ignore the blatant wrongs around them, but instead choose to listen, to see, to feel, to care, to empathize, to speak up for themselves and others, do DO what they know and feel is right – to create such a world, we need to talk about traumatic experiences AND ways to healing, among other things of course. I think talking about healing processes is at least as important as talking about traumas. Because for one thing, if you talk about healing, this includes talking about the trauma you heal from. On the other hand, just pointing out how bad the world is, or warning people that there are dangers everywhere, or scandalizingly exclaiming what horrendous atrocities happened in a „normal family/neighborhood“ – like I often see in the mainstream media – does not help, it just creates fear, confusion, pity, overwhelming powerlessness or can even be voyeuristic.

So I think it is important to focus on the experiences of the survivor(s) and I think it is also important to show that there is hope and that there are ways to heal, to get better, to build a good life even after the worst traumatic experiences, provided someone is willing and able to be there for the recovering person. Of course it is also important to point out that traumatised people need understanding, caring relationships to heal and that it is a COMMUNITY responsibility to help create safety for children (and adults) and to help traumatized people on their healing journeys. Because this cannot be done alone, and it is a topic that everyone should feel responsible for. Traumatized people, our sufferings and our needs do not need to be shoved away out of the public and into the treatment rooms of therapists and other specialists!  We and our realities need to be integrated into society and we need the whole of society to feel and act responsible. It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a village to raise a child in safety and with respect and free from violence. And it also takes a village to heal from trauma. Especially in a world where nearly everyone is severely traumatized.

„There is no purity in silence“, as Nils (, a very good friend of mine who is also a survivor of rapes and violence, put it in one of mer zines. No one should be pressured or talked into telling/publicizing more than they want to, which is quite obvious. But I think that making the stories of trauma survivors public, talking about them, is very important.

So: This is an encouragement for all of you people out there to talk, write, draw, sing, act, dance, or whatever you can think of, whatever you feel like! Express yourselves! See if you feel comfortable sharing what you express. How?

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