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Meeresbande Zine #2, S. 57 – silence kills. + Banyan 2

20. Oktober 2016


With whom, with how many, with what kind of people? Try to express something related to your own trauma and/or recovery story. Even if what happened to you was “nothing”. Even if you should be one of the few people who were not traumatized themselves. I’m sure your life has been touched by trauma and/or violence in some way, maybe you see a friend struggle on her_his path of survival, maybe you avoid certain situations out of fear, and you will certainly have heard, read and seen a lot of information about events and things that are traumatizing for the people who are exposed to them, the news are full of it. So how does all of this affect you? What is it like for YOU to live in a world full of violence, cruelty, exploitation, lies, hypocrisy? How do you feel about mainstream media’s coverage of these issues? … These are of course only a few questions you might try to answer, but please don’t let me lead you away from what’s important to you and the ways you want/need to express yourself. I’d certainly like to hear from you!

One of them to Leona: „You know, you thought about Banyan trees a lot. (These are holy trees in India, they start as parasites who grow on other trees, then the Banyan tree grows many roots, branches and trunks and the host tree slowly dies. Adult Ban­yan trees have many trunks, you don’t even know which is the main one. Most (or all? not sure) of these trunks started as roots that grew from the top to the bottom! Exactly the other way round than you would expect it of a root/trunk…) It’s quite a good metaphor for what happened with us. Like Amanda, who was totally dependent on the „family“, she couldn’t reach the ground – connect to any other people, find any sort of help or support. But then we grew, we left the „family“ (host tree) behind. Only it didn’t die. But it dies inside of us. Slowly but surely it is dying. It doesn’t get nourishment anymore, or air. We suffocate it. Bits of it are still there, but we have already turned most of it into parts of ourselves. We have grown many roots who then became trunks as they touched the ground. We stand on many trunks. We are supported by firm ground beneath our feet (Only the air isn’t right yet). Maybe I am a root that has just touched the ground, rooted herself in the ground and so become a trunk. I feel like I have at the same time gotten rid of a big chunk of the „host tree“.“

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