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Meeresbande Zine #2, S. 64 – Short Story – If I had a Time Machine

20. Oktober 2016

64 - If I had a Time machine.png[Trigger warning: rape mention, incest mention, death/killing fictional]


Short Story – If I had a Time Machine

What a crappy day this was! I’m just so, so pissed off by EVERYTHING!!! I don’t even know why! Everyone pisses me off, my classmates, teachers, parents of course, but that’s nothing new.

Blarg. I hate myself when I go whining like this.

So, anyways, being pissed off was good for one thing at least: I got an idea for a story. (Unfortunately I won’t be able to show it to anyone…)

But yeah, I don’t actually know how to even start this damn thing.

Maybe I just write the idea down and maybe later I’ll form it into an actual story or something.

So the idea is this – it came to me while I was watching some sci-fi-stuff on TV and they had this future-guy and the whole business about „restoring the time-line“ and he could actually travel to any point in space and time and all he did was pretty useless crap!

So in my story there will be a young woman (a bit like me, only older and cooler!) from this time who, through an accident, ends up with a time machine. Of course she’s supposed to destroy the damn thing. But she’s cool. She says to herself, all the books I read and movies I saw, whenever they have time travel, they NEVER use it to kill Hitler. Never. Well, I’ll break that unwritten rule! And she does. First thing! She travels back in time and just shoots that ugly, small guy before he has a chance to, you know. So that’s the first thing she does. And after that she just wants to keep going. Keep doing good. Because, looking back, that’s always easier than when you’re in the middle of it all.

So she thinks, next to Hitler, what’s the worst thing in all of history? And she’s a feminist. So she says it’s rape. And she goes on to kill rapists before

no Please help me

no no no

Why didnt you come kill my father

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