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Meeresbande Zine #2, S. 70 – The Snake insde Sammy

21. Oktober 2016


[Trigger warning: Child abuse implied, horror story, possession]

The Snake inside Sammy 12/2010-6/2011

Sammy Jones seemed to be a normal, four-year-old boy. He was a bit shy and didn’t have many friends, but there were Micha and Nimy with whom he often played at Kindergarten. He liked hide-and-seek best. Sammy always found the most obscure hiding-places and was good at keeping still so that he wasn’t easily found.

He was smart and well-behaved, his parents were proud of him. But sometimes they wee worried, too. It started when they found torn, mutilated toys and stuffed animals beneath his cupboard. He said he didn’t know who had broken them or why they were hidden. In fact, Sammy seemed sincerely shocked and bewildered when they showed him the toys. His blue eyes went wide and for a moment it looked as though he might start to cry. But he didn’t. Sammy hardly ever cried.

From now on, his parents paid attention to little signs that might show what was wrong with their boy. He seemed even more quiet and withdrawn than ever. He was paler than usual. He had trouble sleeping. They caught him staring blankly into space.

Sammy, is everything alright with you?”


Are you sure? You remember what we talked about?”


About you talking about things that bother you?”

Yes. There is nothing I need to tell you.”


I promise.”

OK, then. Just remember: We’re always here to watch over you.”

And that, too, Sammy knew, was a promise.

About three weeks after this conversation, Sammy’s parents noticed a disturbing change in his behavior. Sammy started to be cold, resentful, even aggressive towards them. He had never been like that before. Mr. and Mrs. Jones decided to talk to him again.

Tonight they were going to find out what had happened. It was also going to be their last night.

I will end this now.”

It was a simple statement. Sammy’s voice and gaze were both steady and deeper than that of a four-year-old. His mother shivered. His father took half a step back. Then he noticed.

Sammy! Your eyes! They’re green!”

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