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Meeresbande Zine #2, S. 71 – The Snake inside Sammy

21. Oktober 2016


[Trigger warning: child abuse, horror story, possession]

No”, said the boy quietly, “I am not Sammy. I am the spirit of a Serpent who–“

Sammy’s mother gasped, “What?”

Sammy is here, too, and he can see and hear and smell everything I do. But he can’t stop me.”

Now, look here”, began Sammy’s father, trying to hide his growing fear, “You can’t just take our little boy–“

Your boy?!”, spat the snake, “You’re talking as though he were your property!”

There was a moment of heavy silence. No-one moved. The green eyes that stared out of Sammy’s face fixated both parents.

Then, Mr. Jones whispered, “So that’s what this is about.”

There was no answer.

Finally, Mrs. Jones rounded on her husband, “I told you we should be more careful–“

You told me? You were the one who couldn’t get enough–“

Silence!”, hissed the snake, “This is enough. How dare you! How dare you argue over who’s fault this is! I will not tolerate this anymore! You will never do it again!”

Oh yes, we will!” Sammy’s father lunged forwards, grabbing his son’s shoulders, pushing him to the ground. He lay on top of the little boy, his red face just an inch from Sammy’s pale one.

You’re going to regret this”, he grunted.

Sammy, and the Snake that possessed him, felt his father’s breath on his cheeks, on his neck. Suddenly timid, the child asked, “What are you going to do?”

His mother gave a short, cruel shriek of laughter, “Ha! Not so cocky anymore, are you?”

His father repeated, “You’re going to regret this”, a whisper, his lips brushing Sammy’s ear. His hands fumbled with the boys pajamas, grabbing his skin.

Suddenly, with far greater strength than any four-year-old should have, Sammy – the snake – pushed his father off himself. He stood up.

Get out! Get out of my life!”

Mr. and Mrs. Jones obeyed, scared. They backed through the door and nearly fell over one another on their way out of the house.

In the front yard, a foot stumbled onto a hidden viper…

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