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Call for submissions: Multi colouring book/zine!

3. Dezember 2017


We want to make a colouring book/zine for multiple/plural systems but we can’t draw enough to make it all by ourselves. And if many different people contribute, it will get better and more diverse and with different art styles anyway, which is good!

So what is a colouring book for multis/multiple/plural systems? We’re not sure yet, we’ll see what it becomes! Maybe it will not be much different from other colouring books, except have different topics, styles and difficulties in the same book. Maybe it will be full of pictures that have a lot to do with being multiple/plural.

What are we looking for:

  • black-and-white lineart that is good for colouring in!
    • There should be no shading or already-filled-in areas
    • Clear lines are better than sketchy styles
    • Areas should have a boundary all around it and not be “open” (imagine you had to use the bucket tool)
    • Keep lines that don’t form a boundary to a minimum (floating eyebrows etc)
  • Different styles, topics, difficulty levels are welcome!
  • You don’t have to be a professional artist – on the contrary, everyone, especially system kids, should feel encouraged to give us their scribbles!
  • Please keep everything kid-friendly and survivor-friendly! Try to avoid common triggers.
  • No hateful or bigoted messages.
  • It doesn’t have to be explicitly related to multiplicity/plurality but it could be
  • Subverting norms like gender norms and oppressive systems is very welcome!
  • What would you/someone from your system love to colour in? Submit it or suggest it!
  • You can include words if you want, but you don’t have to
  • You don’t have to draw something new (althoug that would be awesome!), you can also submit older lineart or alter an existing drawing to make it colouring-friendly
  • You can submit more than one page
  • You can submit content that wasn’t created by you, provided you have permission or it is free for noncommercial use and distribution
  • You can request or suggest a topic
  • or give feedback on the concept of this zine
  • format will be DIN A4, but you can submit things in other formats as well
  • Please get submissions to us by the end of January 2018

Anyone is welcome to submit, but we’ll give priority to plurals/multiples over singlets, and we might not put every submission into the finished zine, maybe if it doesn’t fit with our goals or if there are several similar pictures.

Submit to or send an email with “colouring book” in the subject line to meeresbande at riseup dot net. If it’s a suggestion or wish, you can reply to this post or send an ask over here (anon is on).

We want to make it into a zine that everyone (singlets too if they want) can share, print or copy without paying money! If artists want they can put credit and links to their website/contact info on their lineart.

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