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Smaller Zines (english)

What to do when part of a multiple system zine.pd

What to do when part of a multiple system zine.odt

What to do when part of a multiple system Brochure.pdf

Image descriptions for the zine:

title page:
[image description: a small soft ball floating above a black puddle. Around it are very big, threatening black triangles and lightning bolt arrows pointing towards it. Above all of that is a rounded barrier. end description]

page 6:
[image description: A small rounded stick-figure cowering on a straight line in the middle of the page with a dark scribbly cloud directly above and partly around them. Slightly to the right and below them is another figure, crying and letting their head hang down, their chest is crossed out and they have no feet, instead the lower part of their body are just several vertical lines. In the upper left-hand corner is a colour gradient, in the upper right-hand corner a smiling sun. To the left and below the cowering figure is the title: „Kinder malen“ and date: „14.6.2007“. end description.]

page 7:
[image description: A figure similar to the one on page 6, but this time sitting and facing left towards another figure. They have a small round ball of energy in their centre. The ground is curved and more substantial now. The figure to the right is facing the sitting one, stretching out a hand, and has strong rooted feet. The cloud above the sitting figure is farther away and lighter, dissipating. In the upper right-hand corner, there is a sun smiling down. end description.]

2016-10-13 Wild Plants.odt

2016-10-13 Wild Plants.pdf

2016-10-13 Wild Plants (4 pages A5).pdf

2016-10-13 Wild Plants A4.odt

Herbal Teas for Mental Health.odt

Herbal Teas for Mental Health.pdf

Herbal Teas for Mental Health A4.odt


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