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We’re sorry that there’s no translation for this site yet, but below are the posts and zine-pages that were written in english, have no text or have a translation.

Here is a link to all blog entries tagged „english“.

Most of Meeresbande Zine #4 is also in english. See its page above.

There are some texts that deal with disturbing and/or troubling themes and experiences, in those cases there is a „Trigger-warning!“ and in milder cases a little *star. We don’t know what is triggering to you personally right now, so take care of yourself while reading the pages with * or Trigger-warning. Of course, we can’t guarantee a trigger-free experience for the other texts, either.

Meeresbande Zine #1 Cover

Freedom for all prisoners!

I fight like a girl*

I quit university*

Despair – Verzweiflung* (here, only the first paragraph is in english, then we switch to german for the rest of the text. Sorry!)


The Cage

writer’s block*

Owning the body Trigger-warning!

The messages of hatred and death Trigger-warning!

In Spite Of Everything Trigger-warning!

I couldn’t stop it… or could I? Trigger-warning!

Book (and other) recommendations* a mix of german and english

Shelter for a vulnerable Soul*

(Back Cover) Self-Portrait

We can be pink princess-girls if we want to!  (submission for the fabulous Orange Octopus gender zine)

Cis-boy in a female body  (submission for the fabulous Orange Octopus gender zine)

Start a Revolution – Stop hating your Body!

The core of the depression –  I don’t know how to live – I don’t want to explode! Trigger-warning!

There is no purity in silence*

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  1. Pariah permalink
    22. Juni 2015 01:30

    I just want to chime in to say that I love the english posts. there’s a lot of world views and information in these that I really love to read you all talk more about. as someone with my own mental Stuff going on, I think this blog is -very- inspiring! it’s hard to not feel inspired by the amount of selflessness and consideration expressed within.

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